Get to take Your Workout To a Whole New Level with Circuit Training

Circuit training is a way to condition your body with endurance training, resistance exercises, and high-intensity aerobics. You'll get an intense, targeted workout by completing a series of activities, or a "circuit," You'll get a quick rest and do it again. 

Toodokan Self Defense Academy's circuit training is a simple and effective way to lose weight, build lean muscle across your body, and enjoy fitness! Because you move quickly through various exercises, you won't get bored with the same repetitive motions. Join us at Smeaton Grange to start!

What Is Circuit Training?

Circuit training includes a wide variety of exercises, including push-ups, bench dips, bench press, sit-ups, crunches, jumps, burpees, etc. It's a high-energy, exciting fitness pursuit! Studies have proved that circuit training is the most time-efficient way to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. Our team of trainers at Toodokan Self Defense Academy will guide throughout the workout. 

Whether you're in Smeaton Grange or nearby in Mount Annan, Narellan, or Harrington Park, we're committed to helping you get better fitness. From weight loss to stress relief, endless benefits. It all takes you to get started.
  • Improve your speed, strength, and stamina
  • Create healthy and sustainable weight loss
  • Lean muscle toning across the whole body
  • Connect with our awesome community!