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Circuit training in Smeaton Grange is a way to condition your body using endurance training, resistance exercises, and high-intensity aerobics. By completing a series of exercises, or a "circuit", you'll get an intense, targeted workout -- and then you get a short rest and do it again.

Our circuit training at Toodokan Self Defence Academy is a simple and effective way to lose weight, build lean muscle across your entire body, and enjoy fitness! Because you're rapidly moving through a varied series of exercises, you won't get bored of the same repetitive motions. Join us in Smeaton Grange to get started!

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What Is Circuit Training Like?

Circuit training incorporates a wide variety of exercises, including push-ups, bench dips, bench press, sit ups, crunches, jumps, burpees, and more stations. It's a high-energy, exciting way to pursue better fitness! Studies have shown that circuit training is the most time-efficient way to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and improve muscle endurance, and our expert team of trainers at Toodokan Self Defence Academy will offer guidance the whole way.

Whether you're here in Smeaton Grange or nearby in Mount Annan, Narellan, or Harrington Park, we're 100% committed to helping you achieve better fitness. From weight loss to stress relief, there are boundless benefits... all it takes is for you to get started.

Circuit training will help you:
  • Achieve sustainable weight loss
  • Build muscle strength and endurance
  • Finally get the results you've been looking for
  • Connect with an incredible fitness community

Get started with Mount Annan's best circuit training when you sign up at Toodokan Self Defence Academy. Whatever your goals are, we'll help you meet and exceed them!

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If you've struggled with getting results in the past, that's okay! Now it's time to be stronger than your excuses. When you join our community at Toodokan Self Defence Academy, you'll get the earnest support and accountability you need to achieve incredible things. Our circuit training program is designed to help ordinary men and women from around Mount Annan see real results.

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