Returning to Training After Taking a Break

Returning to Training After Taking a Break

It can be difficult to find the will power to return to training after taking some time off. Not only that, once returning it can be physically demanding on our bodies to gain back our strength and fitness and train at the level we were stopped at.

When asked about his students returning to training Master Lincoln said “Just get yourself here and we will look after the rest.” Planning your first session back is as simple as that. Find some time, commit yourself and get here and we will look after the rest. Once back in class, ease yourself back into it. One of the biggest mistakes we see is our students going from 0 – 100. Take it easy on your body with your first few sessions back. Try to focus on good form and technique as well as a good warm up and warm down. On your days off, do some stretching at home and come back ready for more!

We are a community of friends and family all with a common interest in martial arts and discipline. Try to focus on reconnecting, feel good about your first week back seeing your friends and training partners. This reconnection is important for good mental health. Connecting the mind, body and spirit for overall well-being and good health. Welcome back to Toodokan!

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