13 Benefits of Toodokan Martial Arts Training for Children

13 Benefits of Toodokan Martial Arts Training for Children

Today, there are countless after-school activities for children to participate in. From swimming to soccer, musical instruments to languages, social clubs to tutoring. While all have their benefits, it's important to know exactly what those benefits are and how they are actually serving your child. We all want what is best for our children. We all want to see them thrive. So, when choosing an after-school activity it is important to weigh the benefits. What is your child truly getting out of their activities? 


Here are just a few of the many ways children benefit from training at Toodokan Self Defence Academy, or any other reputable martial arts school. Many of which, we are happy to say, translate to the classroom. 


1. Self Defence Skills

You may think this goes without saying, but it's important to evaluate what this would truly mean for your child - the ability to defend themselves. Recent studies show that over 95% of children in Australia are taught to swim. Why? Clearly, so that they won't drown. We believe martial arts lessons are just as important as swimming lessons. There is no way of knowing whether your child will ever be in a situation where they will need to defend themselves, but if ever they were you'd be glad that you had the foresight to teach them to protect themselves.  


2. Bully Free Zone

Toodokan has zero tolerance for bullying and our students are taught kindness, acceptance and equality towards one and other. Many of our junior students come to us as they are facing the challenges of bullying at school. Our main goal with these children is to build their self-confidence and self-esteem, but also to give them place where they can socialise with other children their age in a safe environment and a bully-free zone. 



3. Build Self-Confidence 

Nothing builds self confidence like knowing that you could defend yourself if you absolutely had to. Not only that, our dedicated team of instructors constantly encourage your child with positive reinforcement, building their confidence with every improvement we see. Our students are able to clearly see the progress they are making, that sense of acknowledged achievement does wonders for a child's self confidence. 


4. Physical and Mental Health

Martial arts is a fantastic physical workout. Your child will improve their physical fitness as well as build strength with various techniques utilising the whole body. Not only that, but you will also see your child's mental health improve. People who practice martial arts are proven to experience lower levels of anxiety, and higher levels of patience, understanding and self-esteem than those who who have never trained in martial arts. 


5. Personal Attention

We have a dedicated team of adult instructors who are committed to your child's success. With a large number of instructors on the mats for every class, your child is guaranteed to get plenty of help and advice, and won't ever be left to fend for themselves.


6. Learn to Progress Independently in a Group Environment 

Our students are taught not to compare themselves to others, as martial arts is very much an independent journey. Each child is able to progress at their own pace without feeling as though they are falling behind. They are given clear sight of their goals and progress through belt levels and achievement badges, and more advanced students are able to set an example for lower belt levels through displays of discipline and capability. All while training in a group environment where everyone is treated with the same respect.


7. Safety Awareness when Approaching Adulthood

Martial arts is all about the long term benefit. No one can expect to master self defence overnight, instead, you will see improvement over weeks, months and years. This also goes for our lessons such as stranger awareness, resisting peer pressure, treating your body with respect and more. Parents often tell us, they want their children to be able to protect themselves against bullies, but what about beyond that? Parents who keep their children in martial arts in their younger years can feel more confident about their safety when their children get older and start going out with friends. They will have the confidence to say NO, they will be able to defend themselves if needed, they will have knowledge of safe vs unsafe situations and how to remove themselves from the latter. 


8. Focus and Listening Skills which Translates to the Classroom

We find a common challenge children face today is a limited attention span. For this reason, our lessons are structured in a way that improves the attention span given time. Students will be required to focus on the task at hand, build reaction times and switch up exercises frequently, all conditioning your child to focus their mind and improve their listening skills. 


9. Respect 

Respect is one of the most important traditions in any still of martial arts. Respect towards your instructors, your opponents, those around you, and perhaps most importantly, self-respect. Our instructors teach our students about the importance of, and strongly encourage, respect towards their parents and their teachers. Martial arts is not just a physical journey but also one of continual self-discovery and self-improvement. As students realise this, they feel the desire to both their martial arts values into practice outside of their martial arts school. 


10. Learn that Violence is NOT the Answer

While we teach self defence tactics, Toodokan advocates non-violent conflict resolution and a peaceful existence. We truly emphasise in our lessons that martial arts should only be used as a last resort in situations that you feel you are in real physical danger. Our students are in fact taught many other ways to diffuse confrontations in our lessons so that the martial arts skills they learn on the mats are never used for the wrong reasons.  


11. Memorisation and Retention Skills 

Each of our belt levels has a new comprehensive set of martial arts and self defence skills for our students to learn. This keeps them mentally as well as physically stimulated, as students are required to memorise and correctly execute all of these new forms in order to progress to higher levels.


12. Improved Behaviour 

Countless times over the past 27 years since Toodokan was established, parents have reported drastic improvements in their children's behaviour (both at home and at school) after just a few months of training at our academy. The lessons of discipline, respect, concentration constantly reinforced on the dojo mats inevitably bleeds into other aspects of your child's life.


13. Fun! 

While our instructors do a fantastic job of keeping your child focused as they learn, we also ensure your child is enjoying their training. Classes are fun and dynamic while remaining well structured. With game elements incorporated into our classes, we keep our students enthusiastic, happy and eager for their next lesson. 


If you have any questions regarding your child and martial arts, feel free to contact us on (02) 4647 2530 or info@toodokan.com.au 
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