A Brief Interview with Master John

A Brief Interview with Master John

What is the purpose of founding Toodokan? 

I wanted to train strong and accomplished karate ka to strengthen the body, mind and spirit of the practitioner. To develop people who will not give up. People who will become strong and kind, have empathy for others. All while developing the fighting and self-defence ability of every Toodokan student. 

To teach children to have and to show respect to their parents and become someone strong and good. For today's youth who tend to give up quickly, this is the spirit of Toodokan practice. 


Many schools push competitions in their schools. What are your thoughts on tournament competition? 

Competition is not the focus of Toodokan practice. Rather to train diligently and to develop the three elements (body, mind and spirit) so that they become winners in life.

Belt exams and competition can also be a method to strengthen their heart and soul if used correctly.



Why practice any form of martial arts?

I firmly believe that martial arts practice in a good school will develop students in all aspects of life. To help them have a safer, healthier and happier life. To have a superior understanding and empathy for others. To contribute in a positive way to their family and their community through better communication skills and total self belief. 


You began training in 1978. How long will you keep practicing and teaching? 

Karate has no end, and I love teaching and contributing to peoples lives in a positive way. I will continue to teach and practice every day for the rest of my life. 

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